Cliffs of Moher - Ireland // Tyler + Ashley Errington // Part I

On April 3, 2016, Ryan and I ventured out into the unknown of Ireland. It was a scary but so exciting trip. We've never been to Europe, never been on a flight longer than 4 hours together, never drove on the left side of the road and so much more! 

Luckily, from the very beginning, Ashley was willing to help us along the way. We had never met and we wouldn't meet until halfway across the country even when we only live a few hours apart! We are forever grateful for all of the advice and information she passed along to us. If it weren't for a lot of late night messaging, I'm sure we would still be stuck in Ireland! (Although, I'm not sure thats a bad thing! ;) ) Ryan and I truly cherish the friendship we were able to create while in this luscious green and inviting island. 

I, for one, was so ecstatic when Ashley mentioned swapping photos of each other in this beautiful country. How could you not? Below are a few of my absolute favorites from Tyler + Ashley's portion of the shoot at the Cliffs of Moher. Talk about breath taking! 

Stay tuned to see more images from our trip abroad. Cheers!