My husband and I just recently got married! We've been renovating our house since December and have our very own Fixer Upper. When I'm not spending time with him or editing, I'm hanging out with my fur baby, KoKo. 

Family is so important to me and since the Italian blood runs through me, its never short of a fun time! I'm slighty a shopaholic and my husband cringes at the word "Micheal Kors". I've recently found my love for creamer - sorry, I meant coffee. I love watching cooking videos that I'll probably never end up trying.

Here at Alexis Brooke Photography, we love love. We thrive to create timeless memories that will be passed down for generations to come. We are visual storytellers, believers in fairytales, never ending butterflies and intertwining fingers. We pursue the emotion and moments that tell your story. 

 I hope to chat with you soon.